Glass Candy

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Digital Versicolor

Glass Candy

Synthpop, Italo disco, electronic rock, dance-punk, post-punk revival, indie rock

Ida No (voces), Johnny Jewel (sintetizadores, guitarras, produccion)
Ida No (vocals), Johnny Jewel (synthesizers, guitar, production)
Ida No (veus), Johnny Jewel (sintetitzadors, guitarres, produccio)

Studio albums
Love Love Love (2003, Troubleman Unlimited)
B/E/A/T/B/O/X (2007, Italians Do It Better)
Body Work (TBC)[7]
Albums sold during tours
Demos 31, 37 (2001)
Demos 5.31.2002 (2002)
The Nite Nurses (2005)
Music Dream (2006)
Deep Gems (2008, Italians Do It Better)
Smashed Candy (2001, Vermin Scum)
Iko (2005, Troubleman Unlimited)
Feeling Without Touching (2010, Italians Do It Better)
“Brittle Women” (1999, self-released; re-released as “Bräckliga Kvinnor” in 2003 by Troubleman Unlimited)
“Metal Gods” (2001, self-released)
“Love on a Plate” (2002, Troubleman Unlimited)
“Excite Bike” (2003, Troubleman Unlimited)
“Life After Sundown” (2004, Troubleman Unlimited)
“I Always Say Yes” (2007, Troubleman Unlimited)
“Miss Broadway” (2007, Italians Do It Better)
“Geto Boys” (2009, Italians Do It Better)
“Warm in the Winter” (2011, Italians Do It Better)

Lugar de procedencia/Come from/Lloc de procedència
Portland, Oregon, U.S.

K, Troubleman Unlimited, Italians Do It Better

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