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Menomena@The Garage (13/05/2013)

Not sure how many of you have had the chance to see Menomena playing. This american indie-Rock band, originally from Portland (Oregon), has been around 13 years in the music business and they are still kicking!! but not so many people know about them.
Here in London, we could enjoy Menomena´s gig the 13/05/2013 at The Garage located the heart of one of the more indie and alternative areas (music wise) in London, Highbury and Islington. Prior to that, they did a sold-out gig on November the 2012 in London and those of you that were in Barcelona´s Primavera Sound 2013´s edition on Thursday, could see them playing at the Vice stage.

Menomena´s members are Justin Harris and Danny Seim, although they are touring now has a foursome. They share singing duties and frequently swap instruments while recording their own brand of high concept indie rock. In concert, Danny plays drums while Justin swaps between a myriad of instruments. It’s a formula that found them touring with the likes of The National and Gang Of Four from their early roots.

The gig at the Garage was completly amazing. Not over-crowded, between 200 – 250 people in, clear sound and good stage with frankly good lights following the music sounds. As usual, pints at same price as any other pub here. First thing you notice is, ok, where do these guys come from? Harris is more than huge and when you see him playing the Sax (huge one as well!) you really want to buy one and start playing!
Second thing you notice is that Harris and Seim share the singing in the band. Don´t forget that one of the most difficult things in music is play drums and sing! thing that Seim executes perfectly.
Backed up by Dave, the keyboardist, and Harris playing Bass, guitar, Sax, flute and some other instruments, Menomena´s multi-instrument experience on stage is a thumps up!!
Finally, we don´t really want a band to play their songs and that´s it right? They are pretty friendly on stage, making us laugh a couple of times, thing that always is a plus to remember and recommend a gig.
Don´t think twice: if you have the chance to go see them, do it!

P.S: Thanks to Ellie Clarke of Prescription for the shout out about this gig!

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