Pre-Santes Electronic 2013

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Pre-Santes Electronic Sound Dj Nurel + Talcö + Vj Aliberas

Hey Peeps! How many of you remember our last volume´s interview to Talcö? (all of you I guess ;) )
Well, this summer edition of CrazyFriday-Magazine has more coming from these guys.
The 21st of July 2013, CrazyFriday London´s office guy came to see Talcö live in action. And not only Talcö. The gig was topup with a special session of Talcö´s solo member Dj Nurel (Marc-os Latorre), just to get the people in the mood. After an hour of ambient and eclectic electronic music, Raul Sala, the other Talcö´s member, came into action with Dj Nurel plus the special videos of Vj Aliberas, a famous Vj and momeroter from Mataró city. But first things first.
This amazing event was programmed under Mataró´s Pre-Santes festivities. To understand that, you need to know that Santes are the main festivities in Mataró and in just two weeks the city gets overcrowded by people just coming to have fun and atufarse all the day.


The event was organized together with the associació professional de fotografs de mataró in the Mataró´s emblematic place Muralla dels Genovesos.
Round the midnight, Dj Nurel started to warm-up the 30,50 people round there. His eclectic electronic sounds and songs just mixed extremely well with the amazing night and good mood of everybody. After an hour, Raul Sala came into action with Vj Aliberas. Nobody was expecting Talcö, everybody was dancing an chatting with the sounds of Dj Nurel. But once Talcö came into action, they got the attention of everybody. A change in the music could be felt just inside you. More toughts sounds, more expectations and people just seeing the amazing visuals of Aliberas who was the special guest for this special event, just made everybody dance. By that time, you could easily count more than 100 people in that place.


After Talcös gig, no one wanted to go home. Everbody wanted to dance and continue partying until dawn, but of course, Mataró´s rave laws are not as in other places. Neighbours need to rest and 2 weeks of Santes were coming over you.
Thanks Dj Nurel, Talcö and Vj Aliberas for that special night.


Listen Talcö – Last Week (2013)

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