Trentemøller+Den Sorte Skole@The Forum – 07/11/13

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Trentemøller+Den Sorte Skole@The Forum – 07/11/13

London, windy, wet, rainy, french fries and crappy food smelling every edge and corner of the city…..
Yes, all that is true and completely matches the London experience. However, apart from that,
you can also experience amazing gigs in really cosy venues, basements or theatre style ones.
This was the case of Trentemøller’s gig with support band Den Sorte Skole at The Forum in Kentish Town last 7th of November.
Support band Den Sorte Skole (The black school) is a Copenhagen DJ group. If you haven´t seen them live, prepare for the experience, since this guys don´t use any special kit but their turntables and mixers. No additional computers, just their imagination and the LP´s they bring with them. The group consists of Aage Jæger, Langefinger and Lebon and the day CrazyFriday saw them, the music was a mix of turkish-arabic sounds with breakbeats and D&B.

If you guys have been in some electronic performances before, you´ll find this one different, since you can really feel that something is missing and that missing is the computers and pre-saved tracks, thing that brings another state-of-the-art to the music Den Sorte Skole plays.
Den Sorte Skole heated up the venue with their rhythms during half an hour getting the people ready for Trentemøller, not before being cheered up as much as the people seeing them could.
After 20 minutes, finally, Trentemøller and his crew came to scene. The band was Andre Trentemøller in the middle with his keyboards and mixers, a drummer, a bass guitar and two female guitarist and one of them the vocalist. I never saw him playing so my first though was that he would be playing alone with his computers, keyboards and mixers so after his new album release, Lost, I was pretty excited to go to his show. However, having in scene a real band was a plus to start enjoying the good vibes.

The stage had some special big lamps hanging from the roof, changing the color whenever the songs needed and as the music goes on. Sound and performance of the band was really strong and with such good feelings that people in the venue could no more than enjoy each one of the songs.
A special mention need to be done to Marie Fisker, the guitarist and vocalist. Amazing voice plus amazing guitarist as well. And special mention as well to the show both guitarist did, not only playing but also in one of the songs dancing like a robot dance that got all the cheers from the people at the gig!
The overall experience of the night, Den Sorte Skole and Trentemøller live, is really worth! don´t missed them if you can see them!


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