SigurRos + IBreakHorses @WembleyArena

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Sigur Ros + I Break Horses@WembleyArena (21/11/13)
“All is about feelings”

Have you ever loved someone? Have you ever cried? Have you ever been furious? Have you ever been happy, sad, alone, incredible powerful and full of life?
If you have answered NO to those questions then probably you wouldn´t have enjoyed the gig last 21st of November ´13 Sigur Ros and I Break Horses as their support band, did at Wembley Arena here in London.
One couldn´t have imagined such a perfect combination of this two bands. Both bands emotional, epics, with feelings across their lyrics and music. We wouldn´t say that it was Sigur Ros playing with a support band but a two great bands playing the same night with a common motif.
The first to play were I Break Horses, a Swedish band that during the last 5 years has been growing their fans. They were not new to CrazyFriday, we could actually enjoyed them a couple of years ago at the Primavera Sound in Barcelona and by far they were the band we liked most.
They played behind a white curtain, box-liked-stage with fog al around. Extremely quality sound all around Wembley did the rest: people were captivated by the melodic sounds, retro electronic vibes of Fredrik and the soft and sensual voice of Maria. Their show last round 30 min were they played their famous songs with no interruption between them.
After 20 min were you usually used that time to visit the loo and grab another drink, Sigur Ros came into scene. They kept the same white curtain used to create the atmosphere which gave like a follow up to what I Break Horses were previously doing.
After the first two songs, Sigur Ros managed to create their special environment in stage where with their epic vibes and sounds rose the climax to the next level when they let the curtain fall. People howled and cheered them up. Laser efects, smoke and extremely accurate visuals made the rest.
During two hours you could feel sadness, happiness, loneliness, the world on your knees, love and much more feelings across Wembley Arena touching everyone in there. No one could scape from that.
Most of the time you had to take a decision of either looking at the band or enjoy the visuals with the music as if there were stories coming on and on.
With the most emotive and intimate songs, couples among the gig-goers hugged together, kissed and promised eternal love, while the lamps as candles shone in stage.
During those two hours gig, Sigur Ros played their hits as well as their new songs, like Kveikur, from their new album with the same name.
To finalise, I Break Horses and Sigur ros is a 10 points score gig no one can ever regret of going.

Willing to listen to them now? Just check the playlist we´ve done for you!

SigurRos+IBreakHorses by Crazy_friday on Grooveshark

Sigur Ros official Site
I Break Horses Official site

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