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Few days ago we introduce you to Mega Drive, this unknown producer from Dallas, that creates obscure cyber-steamed-punk-retro-fruturistic songs that transport us to a movie of that genre. Since CrazyFriday loves this kind of music and we do love what Mega Drive does, we got in touch with him to get to know better who´s behind Mega Drive. This is what we got. Enjoy!

Why Mega Drive, and first of all, is it MegaDrive (all together) or Mega Drive? is some kind of analogy to the old game station and sounds of that time, but with a make up to this times?

The SEGA Genesis was the first video gaming console I ever owned. I named the project Mega Drive, which is what the Genesis is called in Japan and Europe, because it sounded cooler. Simple as that.

Mega Drive´s EP VHS was released July 2012 (according to your bandcamp), were you previously doing similar music and eventually all clicked together to create Mega Drive and its first EP ? How long it took you to finish it?

Yes and no. Before Mega Drive I was trying to make electronic music in the vein of Daft Punk but it just wasn’t working. Somehow I heard Power Glove’s Night Force and that’s when it sorta clicked for me. I set out to see if I could create something similar to that sound and I realized it came out better than my previous musical ventures.

We´ve read in an interview from October 2013 at that you were previously playing in a metal/rock band. How come you changed completely your music style? even though you were playing metal/rock you were also interested in electronic music?

I have always been interested in electronic music. I think it stems from those early years of constantly playing video games in my youth. I wanted to do something on my own instead of in a band where your vote isn’t the only one that counts and you have others to contend with. I just prefer it this way.

Since the movie “Drive” was released in 2011 and expose globally the 80´s electronic sound, we are seeing that this kind of music is picking up really quickly and getting more popular every day. How´s the 80´s electronic scene in the USA ? and specially in Dallas?

I’m not really sure to be honest. I’ve heard of a few artists here and there but for the most part I think it’s pretty dead here. Although I could be completely wrong about that.

Through your social networks you´ve announced a new LP coming soon. What can we expect from this new Mega Drive album? any surprised hidden in it?

It’s shaping up to be more intense, darker and groovier than previous releases. There won’t be a set theme like there was with Futurescape which was a vision of sorts of an almost nostalgic future that never existed and Hardwired which solely dealt with the relationship between man and machine and the eventual integration of the two.

You are releasing your music through mp3. Any plans to release CD or vinyl ?

There is a possibility of a CD release as well as digital but that is something to be considered further down the road. Vinyl is a bit more tricky because it costs more to print and there really needs to be a demand for it otherwise it will be a wasted effort.

Any plans to do a live performance for this forthcoming album ?

Not for this album and unfortunately there are no plans to play live any time soon. It will happen one day though.

Finally, what other stuff is Mega Drive interested in? What are your hobbies?

Contemplating the universe, reality and our place in it, listening to Bill Hicks and wondering how far down the rabbit hole really goes.


Thanks to Mega Drive for this interview!

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