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Following Christin´s steps with her Monster Magnet review at Bikini@Barcelona, Jose sends us this amazing review of his impressions when he saw last 14th of February 2014 Money, Pins and Blaenavon at the venue Heaven, here in London. Thanks for this amazing piece Jose, next gig, couple of beer on us!

Money+PINs+Blaenavon (20-02-14. Heaven. London)

Full of people, under Charing Cross station, the stunning Heaven superclub turned into the best place to look for God (if he is still alive, of course). Supporting Money were Blaenavon, I only listened the last two songs and it was a pity because they played pretty good. Secondly was the hour of PINs, an irregular band of only girls, like Money from Manchester too, with some songs mighty but others really bad.

Radiohead’s fake plastic trees oxygenating Canary Warf, the umbrellas which couldn´t stop the rain of The Magnetic fields, neither of them are love songs to London, but they sound like that. Money has another one, with Good night London happens the same. This precious jewel of seven minutes kicked off the gig, with the frontman as lonely as the sun in the stage, playing slightly the piano. His dark shape was drawn in the floor, maybe the shadow of the heaven.

Following the ballad arrived all the captivating songs that contain their album. Who´s going to love u know, bluebell fields or letter to yesterday were absolutely amazing. For me it is not the best of the album, but without any doubt, with Hold me forever was risen the highest point of the night. An addictive gloom took over the audience. Magic moment when everybody was muttering heaven, heaven…

This is the second time I have seen Money, the first one was last summer in a records shop of East London. From then to now, I feel that they have improved. More solids and powerful, more band. Inexplicably, this extraordinary ‘The shadow of heaven’, first album of Money, is out of the more important UK best list 2013, only Rough Trade include it, and at unfair #59.

Just for criticize something, again alone in the piano and singing Black, the last track of the album, this is not maybe the best encore choice to close a brilliant concert. Another remarkable thing is the attitude embarrassment of the frontman, Jamie Lee. I don’t know how old he is but it seems he continues attending to the nursery. Between song and song we had to stand silly gestures and snooty faces. He was drinking from a beer can, everybody supposed that it was empty. He carried on with a bottle of wine which after several gulps always was in the same level. I didn’t believe that during a performance in Netherlands he has kicked his shoe off and hit a girl in the face. Now, I completely sure.

This concert was the first of twenty, an European Tour which will lasts until the 19th of April, finishing in Luxembourg. After that, Money will be come back to London in the Field Day, a must for any music Londoner fan. I have doubts about what Money will be do in a big stage. Until now, Money has a lot of value, Money is much money.




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