Velour Modular´s new Track ´Esc´ (ENG)

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Velour Modular have shared a new track from their upcoming EP

‘Esc’ symbolizes the first state of development; in other terms – The Big Bang. I had been researching how planets were formed and they all appeared to be kind of survivors, “escapers” from a huge conflict of energies. I felt that this situation could happen on a smaller scale, such as with human lives, how we need to evolve through difficulty, struggling against forces more powerful than we are. Eventually we find the way, the “trajectory” to settle and shine.” – Annabelle Guilhem

Let those words from Annabelle Guilhem be used as an introduction to this amazing track from their forthcoming EP, Capsule EP next April 28th.

More info on Velour Modular here and here

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