CrazyFriday Label presents: Tatsumi & Masako (ENG)

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We are proud to announce you the first artist joining our finest quality new-born music label: CrazyFriday Label. CrazyFriday Label will seek and work together with unsigned artists that want to have more exposure of their music and eventually release their ep´s and album.

Right now, the first artist signing with us is Tatsumi & Masako. Here´s an interview we did it just couple of weeks ago to show you his music.
I hope you all enjoy as we do :-)

-How does Tatsumi and Masako come from and why being a Catalan band has an oriental name?

More than a group band, I´d say that is more a solo project. The name, I wanted to something to be completely far away from what I am as. I think that could not be more accurate.

-There´re music references since 2012 with your record “Live”. There´re no single, no ep´s before that. For being the first record from a band, it seems quite well-ended. How long did it took you this first album?

There´s loads of previous tracks, and certainly if you dive in internet, there will be hung somewhere ( myspace etc.) I’ve been making music for a long time, if I haven´t added more tracks to the bandcamp is because there are things that do not reflect the new style, or directly because I do not think they have the enough quality. “Live” it´s not really an album or an EP is a live session I prepared at home.

-Looking deep inside the album, we can see 4 songs divided in an intro, the track and the epilogue. Is this album the compilations of 4 Ep´s that never were published therefore evolve to an album?

Yes, kind of literary, the split between tracks was almost mandatory since the tracks were quite bulky to upload. Ideally would be just one file/song. “To get Late” is the song I really like most of those 4 tracks so I revisited it and included in “Redhead” in it´s physical Cd release.

-At the beginning people though Tatsumi and Masako was a Scandinavian band…

Well, it´s the same as the name, get the project far away from me as a person and also because I had the idea to simulate a Japanese artist who disappears. Something similar to what Sugar Man did, but I did it in 2004, well before the film premiered. It seemed to me a good idea at that time although now it would be meaningless.

-”Live” seems to be more an experimental electronic album, minimal, repetitive rhythms. ¿Which were your influences at that moment, what were you looking for with the album?

“Live” came up after coming from the Sonar by Day festival. Since that I was just doing quite a lot of experimental stuff and I wanted to do something more hypnotic, more focused to the dance floor. Although I think the final work is not that bad, my latest tracks quite improve this first album.

-¿Why did you revisited the track “To get Late” in the EP with same name on 2013?

I think I´ve previously kind of answered this questions, but it was because I really liked this track and I wanted to give it full focus. Also, I think that with new technologies it´s quite interesting to go back to old formats and not having to wait until you have like a 4 or 5 tracks to show them. There seems to be a tendency right now that people are juste releasing track by track and not a full album. Another advantage is that you can completely change your sounds every now and then.

-In “Redhead” we can see a change in your sound and textures. ¿What has happened in Tatsumi and Masako during this last 3 years?

I´ve just simply tried new things. One day you listen to something, you like it and then you try that to do something similar. Sometimes you succeed, sometimes you don´t. I think RedHead is a really great track, but with no show-offs.

-There´s an improvement in your work´s cover art. “Live” shows an abstract and simple colors cover. “To Get Live” y “RedHead” covers are real phostoshop pictures. Whats the process to you use to choose the covers? Does it depends on the music or what are you inspired in that moment?

The covert art is entirely mine. Some are more well done than others but I don´t really though much about it, although I know that the image in the music is important, is part of the show. There´re historic albums that you wouldn´t understand without the cover and bands that are understood by its stilism.

-Thre´s no live performance of Tatsumi, but instead of Talcö, your paralel project with Marcos Latorre. What´s there from Talcö in Tatsumi and what from Tatsumi in Talcö?

Well, it is because you happened not to be here when I was playing live, but I´ve don quite a few and it´s how I most enjoy showing my music to be honest. With Talcö everything is different, we are two with a styles quite well defined so we try not to go that far away from those boundaries. I try to get Tatsumi quite far away from Talcö just to make sure that are two different things.

-¿What does Tatsumi listen to at home?

Well I quite listen to almost everything, from Pop, Rock, electronic, I´d like to use real guitars, bass, drums etc, do a pop track with a singer…there´re no limits.

-Will this summer ´14 see another Tatsumi track? What are you working on at the moment?

Well just this week I just released another track that I think will be a starting point to Tatsumi´s future sound, I want to go through that path for some time…Let´s see if you enjoy it!

-To end this interview, recommend us a band that has been quite an important influence for you.

Just one? quite difficult but I´d say in terms of electronic music would most definitely be Orbital

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