Vanity’s first LP ‘Occult You’ (ENG)

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Vanity’s first LP ‘Occult You’

A frontman from Palestine, bassist from Switzerland, Guitarist and Drummer from Italy. The sound of VANITY is a thrilling and romantic mix of genres including shoegaze, indie and post-punk.
Occult You is the band’s debut album, released across Europe in May 2013 via Rough Trade/Church Independent. It was hailed by the critics and the press as one of the most interesting and international italian album of the year. In fact, is getting enthusiast feedbacks in Germany, Austria, Benelux, Russia and Baltics. An important aspect are the music videos produced by the band, an integral part of their imaginary, hosted, among others by NME, Rolling Stone and, as well as the publication in the major European webzine.

Sneak peek of their videos:

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