Koudlam ‘Benidorm Dream’ EP

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Koudlam ‘Benidorm Dream’ out 26th January (UK)

After his first official album, “GOODBYE”, released in 2009, and the “ALCOHOLIC HYMNS” EP (in 2011) French composer Koudlam has been celebrated as a UFO in the electronic scene. Writing indie trans-genre hits (such as See You All and Sunny Day) between two tropical operas (“Live at Teotihuacan” / “The Great Empire”) and prestigious collaborations in contemporary art, he is an artist highly regarded by critics and the public.

Koudlam’s futuristic and archeological music, mixing tribal rhythms, synthetic pan-flutes, luminous melodies, phantasmagoric vocals and metaphysical choir, sometimes described as “world music of the Apocalypse”, manages to bridge the violence of techno and the Symphony of the New World.

His new album “Benidorm Dream” was written in a Benidorm skyscraper, and conceived as a solitary and melancholic ode to this unique seaside resort in the south of Spain, where the architectural chaos (no evident city-planning rules, unusual concentration of night clubs in high towers) looks beached on the Costa Blanca, and seems to be celebrating a party that refuses to end, and face a reprieved world.

Once again, Koudlam appropriates musical codes, embezzling rʼnʼb, trance, and hardcore techno (his musical roots) to build his own exotic and icy monolith, and once again successfully unites body and mind, dance and ideas.

Koudlam – “Negative Creep” from Jamie Harley on Vimeo.


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