My Bloody Valentine (13/03/2013)

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My Bloody Valentine, live at Hammersmith Apollo (13/03/2013)

What can we say about My Bloody Valentine that any other digital or press media has not said before ?
Well, only one thing: CrazyFriday Magazine´s feelings the 13th of March, at the London classic Hammersmith Apollo :) .
As most of you know this mitic band just released a new album this year. Their third album wooo hooo!. In 30 years, wooo hooo! :) . Jokes apart, it´s been one of the most awaited albums in the last years, and honestly, despite this guys were playing 30 years ago, its music sounds completly new and refreshing and up to our dates. Why? the 80´s are coming. If they´re not here right now.
Since Sonic Youth decided that the world already has enough noise bands and no one will miss their music, a few of us were wandering, almost lost, trying to find that band that has the kind of rhythm and noise and amazing riffs that make us feel alive one more time. And here we go, My Bloody Valentine just released a new album.
If you have never been to Hammersmith Apollo, is worth going to see a band playing. Really nice place, and well decorated. Pint prices were the same as a pub. Even though it was fully packed, the feeling was not claustrophobic at all, you could move around, order a beer without queuing much, etc.
The concert was 2 hours of incredible loud noise music. Between the band and the fans, was a stunning wall of sound sending waves of noise into our ears.
To be honest, at least this gig at the Hammersmith Apollo was not for everybody. I mean with this that you couldn´t hear them singing clearly, you couldn´t distinguish the keyboard clearly you couldn´t follow one single instrument clearly. All the instruments and sounds were completely mixed-up.
After this first impression, and loosing all hopes that the technical guy who was at the mixing table would do some changes to the sound, you realize that the sound is meant to be that way.
No stops between song and song and also no extra songs after the last one was announced, but anyway, everybody could check that one of the most emblematic bands in the world are in its best shape, alive and kicking!!

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