Meet The Deadmen, from Washington DC (ENG)

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Josh Read, Justin Jones and Justin Hoben are The Deadmen, from Washington DC. They three share a successful career as songwriters and artists. Together they are The Deadmen and they play a rock&folk quickly sticky music that you can´t stop humming in your head.

They’ll be releasing their debut EP in the UK on March 17th and they claim they have enough material for the full album, in which will John Hutchins (Army of Me) on bass and Miles Nasta on drums will be participating.

Expect strong songs with catchy lyrics, that will remind you either you are listening to a rock band, or a folk band, even an indie band when the guitars start making some noise sounds. Powerful and fresh guitar riffs and rhythms and storming drums will guarantee for sure a great night if you have the chance to see them life on tour.

Have a quick peek on their upcoming EP with “Let your fingers rule”

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