Acollective´s new video (ENG)

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Acollective grew up making music together. In their teenage years, the story started in the way that many others do – with kids making a racket in their parents’ basement. It was an open forum to vent frustration. With no real intention of ever being a full time band, in truth only ever really aspiring to exist as a community of musicians, Acollective’s formative years were spent playing not in gig venues (who books a band that doesn’t have any songs?) but springing up at their own guerilla shows on the streets on their hometown, Tel-Aviv. Crowds started forming, more and more gatherings took place and, with a hook-up in the UK, the band’s first ever real tour was put together. As they went on to storm festivals like Glastonbury, YNOT and SXSW, they never looked back.

Now, ahead of new album Pangaea (Alcopop! Records, July 7th) the band reveals the video for its first single ‘OTM’. Talking of the single, front man Idan Rabinovici comments;

“It’s a celebration of being left behind, of being insulated from the outside world but deeply affected at the same time – in a state of perpetual limbo. Nothing is more dangerous than staying put, and nothing is more heartbreaking than running away.”

Acollective will tour the UK in July, including an appearance on the main stage at Truck Festival.

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