ArcTanGent ´14 or the Post-rock paradise

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ArcTanGent ´14, Post-Rock to its essence

Probably the most well-known uk festival across the world is the Glastonbury festival but once you are settle down here you realize there´re more festivals around here that one could expect in a country where cold, rain and mud are constants across the season.
From early April until the end of september, the UK has loads of festivals coming up with different kind of musics, however, if you are a post-rock or math-rock lover, you´ll have to really get on with the fact that not many festivals line up bands playing this not so common music style: Post-rock. Thanks to the guys from ArcTanGent, this is not an issue now: ArcTanGent is synonym to Post-rock paradise.
Located in a nearby farm near Bristol, Fernhill Farm, offers many access possibilities to come over: just a couple of hours from London and you´re ready to get into the festival mood!

We could probably say that the 2014 edition of ArcTanGent festival was 2 days post-rock and 1 day math-rock. Thursday and Friday were mainly post-rock with well-known bands as Russian Circles, This will destroy you, TTNG, Maybeshewill and some other bands that even though does´t really follow the post-rock rhythms in it´s pure essence, do really fit extremely well into the festival like Nordic Giants, Human pyramids, Rumour cubes etc.
Saturday was the math-rock / hard-rock day with bands like Jamie Lenman, Astrohenge, Lite, Karhide etc although we could also enjoy not so hard bands like I like trains, Tall Ships, God is an Astronaut and MONO.

One of the things that usually happen when assisting to festivals, is the band collision. As fas as we could see in ArcTanGent, it was quite well organize in this sense: On thursday you only had one stage, so you could´t miss any band. Friday and Saturday with 4 stages but only 2 running bands at a time, with probably an average time of 40 minutes per band, you could easily enjoy both stages since the walking distance from one to another was less than 8 minutes.

As one could expect in a festival as well, there were food stalls, coffee stalls, tea and shish place, book exchange bus, merchandise store, etc.

Our picks of the days:


And so I watch you from afar
Three trapped Tigers
Nordic Giants
The Physics house band


Russian Circles
Tera Melos
Human Pyramids
Rumour Cubes
Big Joan
Flies are spies from hell


I Like Trains
The broken oak duet
Year of no light
Tall Ships

Meantime ArcTanGent’15 comes next year, enjoy our playlist!

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