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Over 10 years, from their beginnings dressed as armband-wearing train conductors, through their re-telling of some of western history’s most idiosyncratically bleak tales of human interest, to their realisation of humanity lying prostrate at the hands of environmental and technological factors far greater than us; I Like Trains have been transfixed by the art of survival.

I Like Trains will begin celebrating 10 years since their first ever show by doing a run of small dates in February 2014 playing Progress Reform, their first EP. They will also release The Christmas Tree Ship on vinyl via ILR in February 2014 and have a few other plans next year.

Progress/Reform was a towering triumph of ambition and guitar-constructed expanse; the sense of grim determination and conviction in characters like Scott, Fischer and trains reporter Richard Beeching, meanwhile, grew into characteristics mirrored by I Like Trains themselves. Its themes would become a hallmark of future releases – reminders of our all-too-familiar trappings, and how important it is to strive against our cycles and break them. Seems fitting now.

“We have become known as a band that looks to the past for its inspiration, but it does feel strange to be celebrating our own history. 10 years seems like quite an achievement in today’s musical landscape. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime, and at other times it feels like we’re just getting started. We’ve always had our eyes on what we do next, and it is that mindset that has kept us together making music and enjoying what we do. It is reassuring to hear what our debut record ‘Progress Reform’ still means to people. Revisiting those songs in rehearsal has been an interesting experience, and I’m really looking forward to playing them live again. This process has allowed us to get a little bit of perspective on what we’ve been doing for the last decade, and will almost certainly inform what we do next.” David Martin

Tour dates

12/02/14 – Jazz Cafe – London, UK
13/02/14 – Batofar – Paris, FR
14/02/14 – Bibelot Powerstage – Dordrecht, NL
15/02/14 – Vera – Groningen , NL
16/02/14 – Botanique – Brussels, BE
28/02/14 – St. Phillips Church – Salford, UK

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